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Dear customer, thanks for visiting our website. Surely BORN TO BE DIGITAL sounds for you like development, creativity, and above all, enthusiasm for working every day in a wonderful business project with a great group of cooperators.

Poster and Panel is part of the Igepa Group, a German conglomerate that is principally involved in the distribution of paper, for a century. In the 90s we started the business in the digital field, and with great enthusiasm, we achieved a considerable market share through an exquisite customer service, a reputated technical service and logistics, distributed in 22 warehouses in Germany, and we rely on the European group, consisting of 20 other companies, to find all the products that are available for all our enquiries around. Today, the Igepa GROUP is a global leader in distribution of products for digital printing and finishing, and hopefully we will contribute to its expansion as a company and group .

Poster & Panel work in a team of 30 people between Sallent (Barcelona), Madrid, Canary Islands and Germany, and we have our distributors dispersed in 18 countries. We produce, convert and sell all kinds of items for digital large format printing and finishing. We work to add value between manufacturers and the market, while continuing to innovate with our SELLING BY APPLICATION, applications besides selling products, to try to educate and train all those entrepreneurs who want to do more than a print. We exist to realize your projects and we continue to work with innovative products, new services, new challenges...

We invite you to be part of it and make it real with us.

Poster & Panel - Igepa group