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November, 08 - 2021 /

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The most sustainable range of Poster and Panel

PVC Free Range

The most sustainable range of Poster and Panel

At Poster and Panel we are very conscious that caring for the environment is in everyone’s hands. That’s why we are constantli expandind our range of more sustainable products.

Among all the products we can find vinyls, textiles, papers, rigid substrates, etc.

Tha latest additions to the range include the new Polygreen Frontlit 300gr, the ecological alternative to conventional canvas.

Another new product in this range are the new Stratus Swedboard rigid substrates, in its Megaprint, Megafoam and Megasolid variants. Thre new products, presentede last September at Digicom Madrid.

We can also fins products like the PET Magneto family, the new sustainable magnetic products in the company’s product range.

There are currently more tan 90 products in the catalogue and we are continually expanding it. Discover the entire PVC Free range in our catalogue, do not miss any news.

You can find the full range of products in the PVC Free products section of our website or by entering the catalogue.