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November, 30 - 2021 /

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Stratus Swedboard Megafoam

Rigid substrates, Endless edition

Within the Stratus Swedboard family we find the Stratus Swedboard Megafoam.

It is a rigid support free of PVC, FSC certified and also suitable for the food sector. It is made from a core of EPS (expanded polystyrene).

The material does not crack by bending in any direction, which makes it very suitable for furniture and trade fair stands. It has reinforced covers making the support harder and more waterproof to be able to apply it both indoors and outdoors.

Available in thicknesses between 5 and 40 mm and up to 2400 mm width.

Main features:
• Light, flat and rigid
• White finish on both exterior and interior covers
• Up to 2400 mm wide
• PVC free
• 61% fiber-based paper
• Compatible in indoor and outdoor applications (short durability)

With this material, the Endless panel option is also available for applications up to 300 meters long.

This application is perfect for large signage, walls, shop windows, double-sided printing, screens, infinite panels, etc.

Endless applications, everything you can imagine is possible!