Roll Up Genesis


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The most robust roll-up display of the whole Futura range, made of a thicker premium aluminum.
Roll Up Genesis has an additional metal base plate making it suitable for a constant and lasting use. Available in 7 different sizes: 600, 800, 850, 1000, 1200 , 1500 and 2000mm. The sizes 1200/1500 and 2000mm include a double pole to ensure greater stability for the media.
This Roll Up has a double foot retractable structure and a superior snap profile to hold the media.
It includes a double padded, reinforced nylon bag to carry and ship comfortably. On top of this the units are individually packed in boxes.
It is recommended to use media up till 300 MIC maximum.

A solid and representable display solution very easy to assemble, disassemble or re-use without great difficulty.
Suitable for exhibitions, fairs, reception areas, shopping malls, windows, promotion points and other sales or promo presentations.

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