PP UV print Vinyl (Easy Dot)

UV-curable inks

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100 μm polypropylene (PP) film. one-sided self-adhesive, white, semi-matt and PVC-free. coated with a solvent-free, age-resistant and permanent elastic. Acrylate adhesive
The “dot-shaped” adhesive coat makes the material easier to
handle and to reposition
PE-paper release liner providing excellent flatness
Homogeneous surface
Areas of Application:
- for Inkjet printing with UV-curable inks
- designed for short term indoor applications like trade shows,
seasonal sales etc.
- durability (unprinted) up to 2 years- depending on application
area and purpose
- for application on a wide range of substrates (on most of the
commercially available panels etc.)
- can be applied on smooth and slightly curved surfaces

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